‘Any Look. For Anyone. Anywhere.’


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Any look. For Anyone. Anywhere.

Ganga is renowned for being the leading Specialist in Airbrush Make-up and Hair Styling. Her diverse portfolio of clients has given Ganga the reputation of creating Any Look - whether it be natural, bold or creative; with the ability to create a style suitable for Anyone - be it female/male, young/mature, light/medium/dark skinned; and taking her skills Anywhere - anywhere in the world or anywhere on the body.



Ganga qualified as a Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist at the age of only 19 at the London School of Makeup in 2006. Her qualifications gave her skills to work for Beauty, Brides, Catwalk, Editorial, Fashion, Film, Media, Music Videos, Photographic, Special Occasions, Theatrical, TV and Special Effects.
With such a wide range of skills and a passion for all areas of make-up artistry Ganga wanted to be able to explore all avenues of the make-up industry. She started working in the Fashion and Commercial industry and gained both national and international advertisements with the likes of Santander Bank, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, People Magazine (USA), Zandra Rhodes and Style Birmingham. 
Her ability to work on any skin tone by customizing the foundation then gave her opportunities to work with celebrities of all ethic backgrounds. Rebecca Ferguson (X-factor), Gemma Merna (Carmel from Hollyoaks),  and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee / youth activist Malala Yousafzi, Asian music sensations such as Apache Indian, Jags Klimax and Metz & Trix, to name but a few of her extensive celebrity client list.


She has since been widely known as ‘The Airbrush Artiste’ to have for your wedding make-up and hair. Her portfolio is one of the most varied portfolios for make-up and hair in the UK with brides of all skin tones and all ethnic backgrounds coming to her from across the ocean just to be Airbrushed by Ganga. 
With a complete OCD for hygiene, Ganga works professionally, safely and hygienically, using Antibacterial and Antiviral sprays to ensure her products and brushes are fresh and clean between her clients. 


‘Any look. For Anyone. Anywhere. I don’t have a signature style and I never want to. My aim is to give my client what they want and what suits them, whether it be a bride or on set for a national campaign. Having a signature style means I’d only be creating a certain type of look and I love make-up and hair styling too much to narrow my skills into perfecting a signature style. I want to deliver a final product whereby my client leaves my chair feeling completely satisfied, confident and unique.’ 




The most important day of your life is arriving and you want to look your best. As a professional, freelance make-up artist and hair stylist let Ganga take the stress off your hands and give you the most extravagant and exclusive wedding make-up and hair service.
Besides a tailored make-up and hair look that suits your face shape, Ganga does full bridal dressing and jewellery setting, this includes sari draping and hijab setting.
Ganga is the Leading Specialist in Airbrush Make-up so any tattoos, marks and uneven body skintone can also be covered to look natural and flawless for your special day.
Make-up and hair is a personal service and a bride needs to really feel at ease with their make-up artist on the day so trials are recommended for all brides. It gives Ganga the opportunity to meet her brides and understand each person’s needs. As she does not do a signature style, Ganga aims to give each bride a unique look tailored to what will suit them. 
Four bridal packages are available and can be tailored to your requirements.

English Wedding

This package includes
• Make-up with 1 set of False lashes 
• Hair styling
• English Veil & Jewellery setting  
• Assistance with dressing  
• FREE bridal advice to ensure you’re glowing from the inside, out!  
• FREE pot of lip colour and mini lip brushes so you can top up throughout the day  
•  1 loyalty card stamp


Engagement/Civil /Reception 

This package includes
• Make-up with 1 set of False lashes 
• Hair styling
• Veil draping & Jewellery setting  
• Assistance with dressing  
• FREE bridal advice to ensure you’re glowing from the inside, out!  
• FREE pot of lip colour and mini lip brushes so you can top up throughout the day  
•  1 loyalty card stamp


Asian Wedding Day

This package includes
• Make-up with 1 set of False lashes 
• Hair styling 
• Asian Veil dressing & Jewellery setting  
• Assistance with dressing  
• FREE bridal advice to ensure you’re glowing from the inside, out!  
• FREE pot of lip colour and mini lip brushes so you can top up throughout the day  
•  1 loyalty card stamp



This is a customised package; if you have several events, or require any make-up or hair changes throughout your wedding day. 
Please contact via email and include as many details of your events as you can, and a tailored package will be made for you


Trials take place at the studio in Sutton Coldfield. Trial availability can be weekdays and weekends, please get in contact as it is appointment only. Trials are recommended during the morning or early afternoon and it is suggested to keep the make-up on the whole day so that you yourself can see how well the make-up lasts. 

Stretch marks, tattoos, acne marks or blotchy skin...need something covered for a special occasion? Airbrush make-up can be used for the face and the whole body. Ganga is specialised to cover up imperfections to give you flawless skin Anywhere. And no need to worry about the airbrush make up coming off as the Airbrush foundation used is smudge proof and waterproof! 

  Have you got a birthday, wedding, prom or special night out to attend and want that extra bit of pampering? Well why not enjoy some time to relax before a special occasion while Ganga enhances your features with quality make-up brands such as Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, MAC and YSL, for a star-studded look! And forget trying to squeeze in a salon appointment on a Friday night, because Ganga also does hair styling! From volumized, long luscious waves to simple and elegant styles. And if you really want to indulge and spoil yourself, upgrade to airbrush make-up! 

If you are looking to get into the modelling industry, then why not enhance your portfolio by letting Ganga help direct you on set and create a make-up look that will enhance your features. Ganga can achieve a unique and timeless look varying from beauty to high fashion to extreme make-up. It’s Any look. For Anyone. Anywhere.

Ganga is available for fashion shows, music videos, TV and editorial work. Special effects can also be carried out if required. Please contact for rates.

airbrush make up


Ganga is one of the Leading Specialists in Airbrush Make-up for clients of all ethnic backgrounds. Her skills allow her to customize the foundation to any skin tone, for male or female, and for anywhere on the body. Ganga creates flawless coverage that can be applied as light coverage or heavier coverage depending on your preference and requirements.

As the client YOU have the option to choose to Go Natural or Go Bold.  #AirbrushingByGanga and #GangaMake-up on Instagram will bring up a variety of looks for you to browse through.
Ganga has used Airbrush Make-up for Adverts, Brides, Film, Music Videos, Special Occasion and Special Effects, using the Airbrushing all over the body. It is the reason why she is one of the most sought after Airbrush Make-up Artists in the UK.

What is Airbrush Make-up?
The Airbrush foundation is gently sprayed onto the skin in super-fine layers so that it leaves a smoother and more flawless base. There are no brush strokes so it creates an immaculate base.

How does it feel?
Airbrushing by Ganga is applied very finely and most clients say they cannot feel it on their skin, which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to feel weighed down by thick layers of make-up.  

Who is it ideal for?
Anyone! Male or female, young or mature, Ganga is established in working on all skin types. Airbrush foundation is customized coverage so clients who love super flawless skin will love Airbrushing by Ganga, and clients who don’t like the heavy feel of make-up will love how light it feels on their skin. 

I have a skin condition most artists are afraid or unsure how to work on. Is the Airbrush ideal for me?
Skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne, Scarred skin, Psoriasis are just a few conditions that Ganga has worked on. Her knowledge on skin exceeds most Artists as she too has suffered with a few of these conditions so she has been able to find solutions to help create a base that will not irritate the skin but also help improve the skin in long-term effects. 

Does Airbrush make-up last long?
Airbrush make-up, when applied correctly should last all day and night and should be smudge-proof and waterproof. Here are some reviews from Ganga’s clients about Airbrushing by Ganga: click here.

I have a tattoo / scar/ stretch marks, can Airbrush Make-up cover these?
As Ganga is one of the Leading Specialists in Airbrush Make-up, she has the ability and skill to cover, conceal and minimise the appearance of all the above. For these types of coverage the artist needs to be specially trained in how to apply the Airbrushing. As not many artists in the UK are trained in this area, it is the reason why she is one of the most recognised make-up artists in the industry. Ganga has the knowledge, skills and experience to customize the perfect look for anyone, anywhere, anytime. 




Curriculum Vitae


Apache Indian
Becca Dudley (MTV)
Gemma Merna (Carmel from Hollyoaks) Hammassa Kohistani (Miss England 2005) Jags Klimax
Laura Coleman (Miss England 2008)
Lembher Hussainpuri
Malala Yousafzi
Metz & Trix
Rebbecca Ferguson (X-factor)
Shin (DCS) Zandra Rhodes


Claudette Schlitter  - Not Been Forsaken Danielle Grace Williams - Here's To The Hero
Jags Klimax ft Lembher - Make It Clap
Jags Klimax ft Shin (DCS) - Hanji
NFC Furnishing – Easter 2013 Advert
Rishi - Aaja Ve Mahi -
Rishi – Club Scene
Rishi – Cry
Rishi - Stress
Rishi & Surinder Rattan ft. Metz & Trix - Do it Tonight 
Santander Bank – Promotional Business Videos
Sheeba Khan ft Apache Indian – Pagal Jeeya Soni Janjua - Saun Rab Di
Style Birmingham Live video shoot


Aesthetics Salon
Asiana Magazine
Asian Bride Magazine
FaceOn Magazine
Kyles Collection
MAC Cosmetics
Palmer’s (Cocoa Butter)
People Magazine (USA)
Practical Photography Magazine
Roman Originals
Santanader Bank
Style Magazine
Umberto Giannini (Selfridges)



'Quality rather than quantity'
Please note Ganga only takes a limited number of bookings per day, this is to ensure optimum quality in her work.  The time spent with an average client (bridal and non-bridal) may also differ to that of other make-up artists/ hair stylists, but this is to produce a high quality standard to ensure that your make-up and hair lasts all day and night.
For photoshoots/music videos/other media bookings prices are done on a day / half-day rate, please get in touch for a quote. 

Trials and consultations
All trials and consultations take place at the studio, information about trials and consultations will be given in your quote.

It’s Any Look. For Anyone. Anywhere. Although Ganga is based in the Midlands she is regularly asked to travel nationwide and internationally, she is happy to travel to any location.


You can fill out the form below or email info@gangamakeup.co.uk
All replies are done within 36 hours or earlier. 
If you have not had a reply within 36 hours please call 07973 567735

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